About Us


To Grow and Be the Number One Overseas Foreign Contract Workers (OFCWs) and Migrants Service Company through Customers’ Ultimate Happiness


To Be Known as a World-Class One-Stop-Shop Service Provider That Thrives to be Always Better in All Aspects of Servicing the Growing Needs of Overseas Foreign Contract Workers (OFCWs) and Migrants of All Nationalities All Over the World


To always improve on our customer service systems and overall business processes through implementation of the most strategic and advanced technologies that is user-friendly and customer oriented;

To always improve on our customer service and overall systems through hiring and maintenance of the most talented workforce who are naturally honest, determined and goal-oriented;

To always be better in synergizing and concerting our united efforts in achieving a truly global one-stop-CARGO AND REMITTANCE shop for OVERSEAS FOREIGN CONTRACT WORKERS (OFCWs) and Migrants, guaranteeing the safest, fastest and most reliable delivery service.


Worldwide Elite Express Company Limited was established on November 16, 2001, at a time where hundreds of thousands of overseas foreign workers in Hong Kong were creating a unique market that only few understood and cared for. It was set-up because of an insatiable desire by the proponent, Mr. Kenneth Keh, one of the leading Cargo and Remittance service provider in Taiwan, to achieve his dreams of always being better and always upping the standards in this uniquely demanding and highly competitive industry.

To further ensure the guaranteed service, WEEC Hong Kong is partnered with EEC Int’l Phil. Corp. and Elitex Logistics Corp., independent and neutral service providers owned and operated by Kenneth Keh in the Philippines. It has been the courier company handling the Remittance and Cargo door-to-door delivery of many reputable couriers in the Philippines and also International company for more than 17 years now. With over 70 trucks, more than 150 employees, and 15 branches spread over the archipelago, EEC Int’l Phil. Corp. and Elitex Logistics Corp. has an outstanding delivery experience through tried and tested service that has gained the trust, respect and patronage of other courier companies which led to not only servicing EEC international offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and USA, but as well as numerous service companies from Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Canada, Guam, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, and even local courier and remittance companies in the Philippines.

Today, WEEC is alive and in the midst of a humongous challenge of going up against the many industry players that thrive in a very competitive industry. The WEEC teams propelled by their synergized experiences and abilities, and continue their exciting journey with ignited passion to always be better in servicing the overseas foreign workers, who are the heroes of today. Guided by our Vision, Mission, Objectives and Values, we will do all that we can to enrich your lives here while you are working away from your families. We are very proud to think that, in our humble yet guaranteed ways of cargo and remittance delivery service, we have been a part in making your families happy.

This is our dedication to you – to always become better, in every single way, in servicing you and becoming a humble part of the reason of you and your family’s happiness and hope of a brighter future. Let us work together and help each other grow in both of our endeavors!